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These Are the Cities Where Rich Millennials Live

Cities where the highest share of young households are making at least $350,000.
Aerial Views Of The Bay Area As The City Seeks Break From Rising Rents
Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Millennials are giving up on getting rich and more likely to identify as working class than other generations, according to recent research.

Just not all millennials. Lots of young bankers and lawyers and software developers are making big bucks, and they're especially likely to be your neighbors if you live in Arlington, Va. Aaron Terrazas, an economist at Zillow, compiled a list of the cities in which the most rich millennials live  , defining millennials as 22 to 34 years old and "rich" as households earning at least $350,000 a year. His research offers one finding you'd expect and another that's a little more surprising.