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Sean Parker Q&A on Twitter’s Biggest Weakness and What’s Next for Facebook

On Bloomberg TV’s Studio 1.0, the former president of Facebook and Napster co-founder discussed the state of music streaming, social media, and why he thinks Uber’s CEO would “thrive as a wartime leader.”

Sean Parker played a role in tearing down the music business as Napster co-founder, and then remaking it a decade later as a backer of Spotify Ltd. His latest venture, the Screening Room, sets its sights on the movie industry by offering antipiracy technology that could help studios offer new releases at home the same day they hit theaters, Variety reported on March 9.

Parker sat down recently with Bloomberg Television’s Emily Chang at his Los Angeles mansion to discuss his views on the entertainment industry, his “hacker-style philanthropy,” and the future of social media. Parker, a onetime president of Facebook, said he’s “way more eccentric, insecure, and reserved” than the character Justin Timberlake portrayed in The Social Network. Still, he gave a pretty animated interview. Here’s an excerpt from Studio 1.0: