Leading Peru Candidate Fujimori Probed for Alleged Donations

  • Board to decide whether candidate violated new electoral law
  • Rival candidate was excluded this month for illegal donations

Peru’s electoral board opened an investigation into the front-runner in the nation’s presidential race following allegations she gave money to voters during her campaign, days after a rival candidate was barred for making illegal donations.

Keiko Fujimori allegedly gave 300 soles ($89) to more than 15 people participating in a break-dance competition in Lima on Feb. 14, according to the petition filed by two Peruvian citizens requesting her exclusion from the race. The board will issue a report as early as today, according to a resolution on its website.

Two other candidates have already been barred from the election this week. Julio Guzman, the second-placed contender, was excluded for problems with his party’s primaries while Cesar Acuna was barred for donating money during his campaign. The two of them and Fujimori had more than 55 percent of voter intentions, according to a poll by GfK Peru published on March 6.

Under an electoral law that took effect in January, candidates can be expelled for donating cash, food or goods whose value exceeds 19 soles.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Fujimori denied the allegations. While her Fuerza Popular party used to provide support to the organization behind the break-dance contest, that was before the presidential campaign started, she said. “I didn’t give out the prizes, I didn’t give out cash,” Fujimori said.

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