Niger Constitutional Court Validates First-Round Election Result

Niger’s constitutional court validated the results of the first round of February’s presidential election, which showed President Mahammadou Issoufou winning.

Issoufou won 48.4 percent of the vote and will face Hama Amadou, who garnered 17.7 percent, in a runoff scheduled for March 20, the court said in a statement on Monday. The campaign for the second round started on Tuesday. Amadou has been in detention since November and hasn’t been able to campaign.

Issoufou, 64, has allied with the U.S. and France to fight Islamist militants, including Islamic State, that threaten three of its seven borders. The county remains the world’s least developed according to the UN Human Development Index, despite being the world’s fourth-largest producer of uranium, which is used to fuel nuclear power plants.

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