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Adidas Is a Late Starter in the Race for the Women's Market

  • It targets women just as competitors Nike and Puma do the same
  • Oscar commercials, new brands and multipurpose garments
Retail Operations Inside An Adidas AG Store As Sportswear Maker Forecasts Profit
Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

Morgan Brill wears a three-year-old pair of Adidas cross-trainers -- for her work as a nurse.  When it comes to preparing for her first half-marathon, she probably wouldn’t buy the brand, even though she wore Adidas as a college soccer player.

"They don’t have enough options, and they aren’t well-known for long-distance running," said Brill, 25, who lives in Oostburg, Wisconsin. In addition, "Their three-striped symbol just isn’t as as prestigious as Nike’s. I feel like their marketing just isn’t as big."