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Where Can Investors Hide From Punishing Negative Rates?

A few assets remain safer options as more central banks adopt the unorthodox policy
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Are Central Banks Irrelevant or in the Driver's Seat?


With volatile global financial markets, and more central banks turning to negative interest rates, it can be hard to think of a reliable place for your money these days.

Economic weakness around the globe has weighed on U.S. growth, but Federal Reserve officials have repeatedly said that pushing interest rates below zero here is still premature. Chair Janet Yellen said the central bank is re-examining negative rates as a policy tool if the economy stalls.

In Japan, the euro zone, Switzerland, and other countries that have adopted sub-zero interest rates, banks are charged for parking their cash reserves at central banks. The idea is to force them to lend more of it out to consumers, with the hope to spur spending and stimulate growth. The worry is banks would pass the associated costs onto borrowers.