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Europe's Open Borders Are Crumbling

As the EU struggles to handle its refugee crisis, passport-free travel across the region is under threat.
Belgian Police conduct identity checks at the French border.
Belgian Police conduct identity checks at the French border.Reuters Pictures/Francois Lenoir

To say that the European Union’s open border policies are embattled is an understatement. Increasingly, it looks like they could be on the way out for good.

On Monday, Belgium announced that it had reintroduced border controls on its frontier with France. Over in Denmark, the government agreed on Tuesday to extend its policy of passport checks on the German border for the third time, while Sweden has kept similar checks for travelers arriving from Denmark. Austria has already built a wall at its busiest frontier crossing with Slovenia, and last Friday it introduced a cap of 80 asylum applications per day, after which its border would be closed to further applicants.