Twitter's `Muni Lass' Culpepper Leaves Kentucky for Consulting

  • Culpepper has weighed in on topics from Puerto Rico to Chicago
  • `It feels good to get out of the world of politics,' she said

Kristi Culpepper, best known among investors and analysts in the municipal market for her commentary about public finance on Twitter, left her job as head of the Kentucky School Facilities Construction Commission.

Culpepper, once known only as Bond Girl with her Twitter handle @munilass, said on the social media platform that she quit and was going into consulting. The agency confirmed she resigned, effective Monday.

“It feels good to get out of the world of politics,” she tweeted. Her first post after announcing the job change, which she said was unrelated to the move, discussed Eastern Kentucky University selling bonds through a Phoenix conduit agency. “No one at the state level knows,” she said.

Culpepper has weighed in on some of the largest credit issues in the municipal market, from Puerto Rico’s debt crisis to the fiscal strains gripping Chicago and its school system. Her posts on the website Medium include “How Chicago has used Financial Engineering to Paper over its Massive Budget Gap” and “Why Republicans should endorse Treasury’s proposal for restructuring Puerto Rico’s debt.”

More recently, she penned an opinion piece in Crain’s Chicago Business on Feb. 12 titled “Be wary of who circles in CPS’ desperate hours.” Culpepper didn’t immediately return a voicemail or e-mail seeking further comment on her new position.

Culpepper was named executive director in November 2013, according to the agency’s website. Before working with the commission, she managed the capital projects and bond oversight staff of the Kentucky general assembly and worked at Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith, the agency said.

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