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Nine Dopp Kits That Will Make Anywhere Feel Like Home

The dopp kit should not be an afterthought, but a highly useful tool that makes your travel life better. These will do the trick.

You can learn a lot about someone by seeing what’s in their dopp kit. (Beware: It's kind of rude to ask.) The kit is not only the home of all of your pills, grooming tools, and potions, but how you keep it organized can explain what kind of traveler you are. Do you have handy travel-sized versions of only the essentials? Then you're a planner, and you're efficient. Are you carting around half a dozen semi-empty body wash bottles and stringy mending kits you cadged from hotels? You fly by the seat of your pants, and you're always ready to improvise. And what about the dopp kit itself? Is it a handsome, clean tote, or a beat-up bag you've been lugging around for more than a decade?

(That was a trick question. It should always be attractive and neat.)

Below, we've gathered nine great options for different types of travelers, from those who like traditional sturdy canvas kits to those who like lots of compartments and organizational tools. Select wisely. 

M.R.K.T. Benson Dopp Kit 

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M.R.K.T is known for using socially conscious materials and vegan leather on all their products. This water-resistant felt body dopp kit includes waterproof internal compartmentsm for those who worry about spills or leaks from various liquid products. ($75,

Flight 001 F1 Spacepak Toiletry

Source: Flight 001

If you're both a frequent flyer and a neatness freak, the F1 spacepak toiletry bag is the one for you. The super-lightweight bag, which weighs only 12 ounces, includes two roomy mesh zip pockets, in addition to a flat zip-pocket attachment that's perfect for smaller items. And don't be put off by the vivid orange color; he bright interior allows you to locate small items a whole lot quicker. ($42,

J.W. Hulme Co. Travel Kit

Source: J.W. Hulme Co. via Bloomberg

Durability is key when it comes to the perfect dopp kit. Choose one made out of canvas if you want it to last. This item from J.W. Hulmes Co. is guaranteed for a lifetime. ($275,

Bottega Veneta Woven Leather 

Source: Bottega Veneta via Bloomberg

If you're a frequent guest in the course of your jetsetting (if hosts are going to see your dopp kit in their guest bathrooms), consider one that will impress with its luxuriousness, such as this navy, woven, leather one by Bottega Veneta. ($820,

Tumi Alpha 2 

Source: TUMI

Leave it to Tumi to design a three-zipper, unfolding dopp kit in Tumi's FXT ballistic nylon, for those who care about function as much as durability. ($95,

Valextra Folding Travel Pouch

Source: Valextra via Bloomberg

Valextra is known for exceptional hand-crafted leather accessories. If you appreciate craftsmanship and quality leather, this one is screaming your name. (It does not have internal dividers, but it is spacious.) ($880,

Jack Spade Camo Waxwear

Source: Jack Spade via Bloomberg

Camouflage patterning has been popular for a few seasons, and here's a fresh way to use the trend. The camo waxwear dopp kit pairs printed cotton with a useful waterproofing treatment that only gets better with age. ($168,


Source: DSPTCH via Bloomberg

Pack light and stay organized with this option from DSPTCH. Although it may look small, it's made to fit all the travel essentials for any getaway trip. ($62,

Moore & Giles Leather Hanging Dopp Kit


If you're super-anal when it come to packing, the type to color-coordinate your grooming products and travel essentials, then look no further. The hanging dopp kit from Moore & Giles offers more than enough compartments and both snap and zip pockets to keep your liquids separated and help you avoid unfortunate spills,. And keep you well-organized. ($325,

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