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VW’s Seat and SAP Try to Ease the Hunt for a Parking Spot

European drivers of Seat vehicles will soon be able to reserve a parking spot from an app on their smartphone

SAP SE is trying to broaden use of its software beyond accountants and inventory planners. The company has teamed up with Volkswagen AG division Seat to develop a software concept that would let drivers reserve and pay for parking spaces from their smartphones.

SAP's Vehicles Network software, a cloud-computing service for automakers, stores information on street parking, garages and fuel stations in North America and Europe. In the coming months, Seat drivers on the continent will be able to reserve a parking spot from within an updated version of the existing Seat ConnectApp smartphone application, get directions to drive to the space, and have the entrance gate automatically lift, the companies said. 

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 Samsung Electronics Co. will supply mobile payment technology to let drivers settle the bill when they depart "without even leaving the car," SAP executive vice-president Tanja Rueckert said. The companies will demonstrate the software at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

Walldorf, Germany-based SAP has been expanding in the co-called Internet of Things, in which machines, vehicles and buildings are equipped with sensors and software to ease their use and maintenance. SAP and BMW AG are also testing a connected car whose computer helps drivers find parking, fuel and food.

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