North Korea Preparing Terror Attacks, South Korea Says

  • The possibility of a terror attack against South Korea growing
  • South Korea President urges strengthening of anti-terrorism

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has ordered his military and intelligence units to strengthen terror capabilities, raising the prospects of terror attacks against the South, according to South Korea’s Presidential office.

With the possibility of attacks growing, South Korea’s President Park Geun Hye is urging the country’s national assembly to pass anti-terrorism bills designed to cope with threats from North Korea and other global terrorists groups, the President’s press secretary said Thursday.

QuickTake North Korea's Nukes

The news that North Korea was beefing up its terror capabilities, while unconfirmed by North Korea, came as the U.S. Air Force on Wednesday flew four F-22 stealth fighter jets through South Korean airspace in what was viewed as the latest show of force against North Korea over its nuclear test and long-range rocket launch.

“North Korea is continuing reckless provocations including the nuclear test and long-range missile,” Press Secretary Kim Sung Woo said during a briefing. “The possibility of North Korea’s terror attack against South Korea is higher than ever. Kim Jong Un ordered a strengthening of terror capabilities against the South and the North’s intelligence agency is seen preparing this.”