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The Creepiest 'Social Network' Ever Is Just Some Woman Following You Around All Day

“Follower” offers the unique experience of being obsessively spied upon.
A surveillance photo from a Follower performance.
A surveillance photo from a Follower performance.Lauren McCarthy

The feeling of eyes on your back, a glimpse of somebody ducking behind a corner, the snick of a camera as it sneaks your picture—these unsettling experiences could be yours, if you join a service that assigns a stranger to surreptitiously observe you all day long.

Follower is the ultimate “social network” for people who aren’t satisfied with random attention on Twitter and want anonymous relationships to extend into the physical realm, too. “Don’t go unnoticed,” is its tagline. “Follower is a service that grants you a real-life Follower for a day. A no-hassle unseen companion, someone that watches, someone that sees you, someone who cares.”