Uber Says Some Drivers Offered Compensation During French Strike

Drivers for ride-hailing apps, such as Uber, block the roundabout at Place de la Nations to protest against the LOTI law in Paris.

Photographer: Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP via Getty Images

Uber Technologies Inc. offered to compensate some of its drivers for revenue they would have lost while participating in a strike in France on Tuesday, before canceling the initiative.

The California-based chauffered car service suspended its operations in France for four hours on Tuesday to protest against recent government decisions. French daily La Tribune reported Wednesday that the company offered to compensate drivers for participating in the strike.

One team at Uber “did decide to offer drivers up to 100 euros to help make up for lost work time during the protests,” the company said in a statement. Once executives were informed of the plan, “the initiative was cancelled,” it said.

The protest on Tuesday was the latest round in a dispute that pits the highly regulated taxi industry in France against upstarts such as Uber and its drivers, who are independent contractors. The government is trying to walk a line of supporting the growth of new app-based businesses while not angering drivers of traditional taxis.

Uber said 10,000 drivers risk losing their jobs as a result of the government’s plans. The group is helping cover the cost of a small number of cars that were damaged during the demonstration, it said in its statement.

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