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Rating Europe's Most and Least Happy Cities

Start packing your bags for Oslo.
Residents in Vilnius are among the most satisfied in Europe.
Residents in Vilnius are among the most satisfied in Europe.Flick/Mantas Volungevicius

Among European city dwellers, residents in Prague are most confident about finding a job, while people in Zurich feel safest. Romans distrust their administration more than anyone on the Continent, while no one thinks it’s harder to find an affordable apartment than Parisians. Everyone except residents of Valetta, Malta, thinks that their cultural scene is great, while most Europeans still feel that foreigners bring more benefits than problems.

These are some of the conclusions of a mammoth survey of the attitudes of Europe’s city-dwellers released this month. Complied by the E.U.’s Eurobarometer, it shows some sharp divides, major changes since the organization’s last survey in 2012, and some unexpected rising stars. Here are a few of its key findings.