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Catalan Boss Says ‘Brexit’ Deal Sign EU Can Flex for Separatists

  • Plan shows independent Catalonia can stay in EU: Puigdemont
  • Catalans want input on Spanish stance over `Brexit' settlement
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Catalan Boss Says Brexit Deal Can't Threaten Vital Rights

Donald Tusk’s proposal for avoiding a so-called Brexit shows the European Union can accommodate major shifts in the continent’s political situation, said Carles Puigdemont, who as regional president aims to lead Catalonia to independence next year.

The EU president’s plan to limit benefits for Europeans who move to Britain and shield the City of London from bank regulators in Frankfurt aims to help Prime Minister David Cameron win a vote on staying in the 28-nation bloc. It also illustrates the continent’s leaders are ultimately pragmatists when push comes to shove, Puigdemont, 53, said in an interview in Barcelona Thursday.