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You Aren't the Only One Hiding a Bank Account From Your Spouse

  • 13 million Americans leave partners in dark about money: study
  • Young people more likely to stash funds (or at least admit it)
Piggy bank under rug
Photographer: Dan Brownsword/Getty Images/Cultura RF

Forget Switzerland. The new secret account is the one you hide from your spouse.

About 13 million Americans have squirreled away a checking, savings or credit-card account from live-in partners, according to a study released Wednesday by A slightly greater share of women (about 6 percent) than men (5 percent) said they’ve kept money out of sight, a difference within the margin of error. But another trend was more pronounced: Young people were more likely than their elders to keep secrets -- or at least to admit it when a stranger calls to conduct a survey.