Armed Man Arrested at Disneyland Paris Hotel, AFP Reports

An armed man was arrested at a hotel in Disneyland on the outskirts of Paris, Agence France-Presse reported, citing police sources.

Police have also arrested his female companion, it said.

French radio station France Info said the 28-year-old man with two weapons in a suitcase was stopped by the theme park’s security staff as he headed toward the reception desk of the hotel. The security staff spotted the weapons in his bag on their x-ray machine, it said. The suitcase also contained a copy of the Koran and some cartridges, AFP said.

The man did not resist arrest and was quickly taken into custody by the police, France Info said, adding that the man was not known to the country’s intelligence services.

In 2015, the Paris area suffered two series of terrorist attacks that left a total of 147 people dead.

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