Photographer: Milan Markovic/Getty Images/iStockphoto

You're About to Hate Slack as Much as You Hate E-Mail

Group chat applications like Slack, HipChat, and others are due for a backlash. People adored e-mail once, too.

David Warsh wants you to imagine an office worker hunched over his computer. “Then comes a little chuckle,” he wrote in the Washington Post. “A rapid-fire series of keystrokes. He hits the send button, and the scene is repeated by another manager across the room.” It sounds like a day in the life of the modern employee, one who spends hours on Slack, HipChat, or any number of work-sanctioned group chat platforms to procrastinate with office mates. But the article is from 1991, and those workers aren’t chatting; they’re e-mailing.

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