Israel Electric Takes Anti-Hacking Expertise to Global Forum

  • The company deflects tens of thousands of daily hack attempts
  • Israel Electric produces about 80 percent of country’s power

Israel Electric Corp. is taking years of experience deflecting tens of thousands of daily hacking attempts and calling on energy facilities to join an international forum to insure they’ll be safer from attacks in the future.

Called “‘Energy Cyber by Design,” the organization will seek to instill the need for cyber defense mechanisms to be included at the initial planning stages of any new system, upgrade or facility, Yosi Shneck, Israel Electric’s vice president of information and communications, said in an interview. 

“This will answer the problems of most of the vulnerabilities we face today,” added Shneck, saying the forum would set standards and find best practices to insure planning bodies include “cyber defense activities from the first stage of their work.”

Tackling such issues in the planning process, instead of as an add-on later, will demand a conceptual change and should become the “new normal,” Israel Electric said in a press release. Shneck said that a few utilities, including one from Singapore, as well as integrators and equipment providers have already agreed to join the international body. The individual companies were not revealed. He is hoping that attendees at a Tel Aviv cyber conference, where the announcement was made, will register as well.

Israel Electric controls about 80 percent of the country’s power production and has increased its cyber personnel, developed new defense tools and enhanced employee training over the past few years. It formed a unit called CyberGym with security consulting firm CyberControl to offer companies around the world a simulated control center to practice protecting their organizations.

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