Energy Companies, With No Women CEOs, Value Female Talent Most

  • World Economic Forum study shows variations in parity value
  • Report finds women leadership chances 28 percent those of men

Companies in nine global industries vary considerably in how they rank gender parity as a leadership priority, according to a new study by the World Economic Forum.

Energy companies give the most weight to leveraging female talent, with 75 percent of those surveyed citing gender parity as a main concern for company leaders. None of the energy companies in the study had a woman CEO, the WEF said on the eve of its annual meeting in Davos. The least importance given to gender parity was in the information and communication technology industry, at 37 percent.

Most industries fell somewhere between these extremes. Sixty-three percent of financial services companies, 60 percent of consumer companies and half of basic manufacturing and infrastructure businesses said they believed achieving equality between men and women in their respective workforces was an important goal.

The global study, which surveyed 371 large and small companies, also found that women’s chance to rise as leaders was only 28 percent that of male peers. Of all the industry categories, the most female CEOs were in media, entertainment and information companies, at 13 percent.

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