Deal of the Week: Private Equity Deals Aren't Just About Slashing Jobs


Each week, host Alex Sherman, a Bloomberg mergers and acquisitions reporter, is joined by colleagues and guests to discuss the most interesting and market-moving M&A news. 

This week we look at M&A through the lens of private equity, a $3 trillion-plus industry behind many of today's corporate takeovers. Our guest is Paul Levy, who since 1988 has led JLL Partners, a New York leveraged buyout firm. Levy, who's had a ringside seat for private equity's explosive growth and evolution, talks about the highs and lows of his colorful career. Even as he slams the buyout world's obsession with short-term profits, he stoutly defends it against the accusation that it slashes jobs and strips value from companies. We also examine the three-way merger talks involving Nexstar, Meredith and Media General.

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