Photographer: ADAM DEAN

Charts to Make You Go: 'ARGGHHHH'

A painful paradigm shift.

Investors climbing a (Chinese?) wall of worry on Thursday probably don't need to add to its bulk.

Nevertheless, Matt King has a smorgasbord of ugly charts to share. In an aptly-timed note, the Citigroup strategist suggests markets are "dangerously close to a paradigm shift" that would entail the end of liquidity-fueled markets and a "return to fundamentals." The only problem is "those fundamentals are themselves following markets."

Scared yet? Here's a quick sampling.

An intestine-like depiction of the gut-wrenching year that was 2015 for active managers:

Source: Citigroup

A summary of King's previously-covered "greater fools" in markets theory:

Source: Citigroup

A chart of bursting bubbles that suggests the world's supply of greater fools may be dwindling:

Source: Citigroup

And (speaking of greater fools) a particularly ugly chart for credit investors:

Source: Citigroup
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