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New York City Unveils Its First Super-Fast WiFi Kiosks

The city plans on blanketing the streets with 7,500 internet-enabled booths over the next 8 years.
One of the new Link NYC kiosks.

One of the new Link NYC kiosks.

Source: CityBridge

The future is on the corner of 15th Street and 3rd Avenue. There looms one of two Link NYC kiosks unveiled Tuesday, which will provide free one-gigabyte WiFi to anyone in roughly a 150 foot radius. The other 9-and-a-half-foot tall slab is two blocks away on 17th Street. 

The city plans on blanketing all five boroughs with 4,550 pillars over the next four years, and a total of 7,500 phone-booths-of-the-future by 2024. The kiosks are intended to replace the existing, now-outdated phone booth infrastructure. The project involves lining the the city with hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable. When fully operational, in addition to Internet, the stalls will offer free phone calls, USB charging, and a tablet for web browsing. Those who want to hop on the WiFi from their smartphones have access to an encrypted network, which will keep personal information secure from everyone else accessing the public WiFi.