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Thanks for Quitting, Here's $10,000. Come Back Soon

One company's strategy to build a positive culture has some people scratching their heads.
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Leaving the Company? Here's $10,000

After three years working at a startup, Julie Tracy wanted to leave her company so she could travel. Her employer, online lingerie retailer Adore Me, gamely threw her a going away party at a bar across the street—a pretty standard affair until this happened: "This enormous foam check starts coming at me through the crowd," she recalls.

It was followed by an actual check—for $10,000. It was from Adore Me's chief executive officer. "I burst into tears," Tracy says. "There's probably 1,000 pictures of me sobbing. I was totally blown out of the water. It was amazing."

Adore Me offers a highly unusual benefit to departing employees: a fat check. This month, the New York company gave another $10,000 check to a longtime worker who was quitting to move across the country. The benefit comes with no strings, but it's also not guaranteed. The metrics for who gets it, and how much, seem to be pretty vague: "We would do it for anyone that has put in a lot of hard work and effort at Adore Me," said CEO Morgan Hermand-Waiche.