These Desktop Calendars Are Prettier Than Your Phone’s

Calendars so cool they’ll make you want to go back to paper.
Photographer: Aaron Joseph for Bloomberg Businessweek

Danese Milano Timor desktop calendar by Enzo Mari

This sculptural calendar is expensive, but the good news is you can use it forever. $205;

Matchbook calendar by Inkello

The cover of this pocket-size calendar is designed to fold over and serve as a stand. Perfect for the freelancer on the move. $8;

Year-round tape calendar by Mo Man Tai

The set has eight rolls of masking tape printed with months, dates, and days of the week. Line them up to create your own custom calendar. $28;

Stendig oversize calendar by Massimo Vignelli

Designed in 1966, this calendar is in the design collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. $35;

The Cube calendar by Philip Stroomberg

A new take on the traditional tear-off. The cube changes shape as the days go by. $30;

50-year calendar paperweight by Kikkerland

Set the dial to get an accurate day-of-the-week breakdown for any month from now until 2052. It even accounts for leap years. $13;

Stick-up weekly calendar by Poketo

Post your weekly to-do list wherever you’re most likely to see it. There are spaces for the weekend, but let’s hope you won’t have to use them. $10;

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