Ted Cruz Is Winning the War With Trump Without Even Having a Battle

Poll numbers suggest the Texas senator is killing his rival with kindness.

Trump and Cruz Play Nice at Vegas Debate

The emerging consensus among the political cognoscenti is that Donald Trump won Tuesday night’s Republican debate in Las Vegas because nobody had the nerve to attack him, except for Jeb Bush—who, Trump accurately pointed out, is languishing in single digits and poses no threat to anyone. At Vox, Matthew Yglesias declared Trump the winner, marveling that “his main rivals for the nomination didn't even try to stop him.” His colleague Ezra Klein agreed, pointing out that “the GOP candidates have become genuinely afraid of attacking Trump.” Leon Wolf at RedState was apoplectic that “people who realize that Trump represents an existential threat to the credibility and future existence of the conservative movement as a political force have been forced to grind our teeth as Cruz … held fire on this charlatan for months.” 

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