What Critics Think About the New Star Wars Film

Spoiler alert: (Almost) everyone loves it.

Will 'Star Wars' Smash Box Office Records?

After months of anticipation, a flurry of merchandise and massive demand for tickets that crashed websites selling them, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has finally hit the big screen.  But does it live up to the galactic hype? 

Here's a roundup of reviews.

The New York Times

The verdict: The movie is good. Director J.J. Abrams—described in the review as the love child of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg—"hasn’t made a film only for true believers; he has made a film for everyone (well, almost)." 


The verdict: It's enjoyable but there's far too much going on. "When you stuff a trilogy’s worth of lightsaber duels, dogfights, revelations, deaths and victories into one film, they lose some of their – what’s the word? – force."

Vanity Fair

The verdict: It's a great homage to the original style, going for less glitzy special effects. "The Force Awakens finds just the right path through reverence and respect to find invention, ushering a new generation into its galaxy of iconic visuals and reliable heroes by raising the epic stakes."

The Guardian

The verdict: Five stars. Enough said.


The Los Angeles Times

The verdict: It's a hit and miss. That's because, the review says, "Abrams and company needed to please different masters and satisfy diverse audiences in this story." 


The verdict: Definitely satisfies hardcore Star Wars fans. The reviewer writes: "This fanboy is happy to report that it appears that Star Wars—like the Force itself—looks to be with us ... always."

The Daily Beast

The verdict: A great reboot all around, with plenty of girl power. "Alongside (Carrie) Fisher’s still-iconic Leia, (actress Daisy) Ridley emerges as one of the year’s best heroines, given a destiny that will be a promising one to follow in films to come."



The verdict: It redeems decades of misfires in the Star Wars saga. "If you loved Star Wars once, everything you loved is back. And if you’re new? Welcome home."


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