‘Hunger Games’ Holds Box-Office Lead With ‘Krampus’ at No. 2

“The Hunger Games” finale led the domestic box office for a third straight weekend, outdrawing the holiday horror feature “Krampus.”

“Mockingjay Part 2,” the fourth “Hunger Games” film from Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. collected $18.9 million in U.S. and Canadian theaters, Rentrak Corp. said Monday in a statement. “Krampus,” from Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment, placed second with $16.3 million.

Coming after the long Thanksgiving holiday and before the big Christmas feature rush, this weekend traditionally is a slow one for the film business. Still, the take for the top 10 movies was 28 percent higher than a year earlier, largely due to teens who went to see “Mockingjay Part 2” and “Krampus,” the only new release to rank in the top 5.

“It definitely brought out the younger moviegoers,” Nick Carpou, Universal’s president for distribution, said of “Krampus.” “This is typically a tough weekend.”

“Krampus,” based on German folklore, is an anti-Santa, a dark holiday figure who punishes wicked children at Christmas by taking them to his lair. The film features Adam Scott and Toni Collette as the parents of Max, played by Emjay Anthony, a boy who turns his back on Christmas and unleashes the demonic Krampus on the household.

Lowest-Grossing Entry

“Mockingjay Part 2” hit theaters Nov. 20 with the lowest-grossing opening weekend of “The Hunger Games” series. This weekend’s results fell below the $20.5 million forecast by Boxoffice.com. The picture has grossed $227.4 million so far in U.S. and Canadian theaters.

Among returning films, the “Rocky” sequel “Creed” from Warner Bros. produced sales of $15.3 million to place third, while “The Good Dinosaur,” from Walt Disney Co.’s Pixar division, landed in fourth place.

“Chi-raq,” which opened in 305 theaters, took in $1.2 million. A modern version of an ancient Greek play in which women lead a sex strike to end a war, the Spike Lee-directed film is the first feature from Amazon.com Inc. Amazon, unlike Netflix Inc., won’t stream the picture until it completes a run in theaters.

The industry has high hopes for the rest of the year with releases including Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” as well as a slew of Oscar hopefuls.

Sales for the year to date have increased 4.3 percent, according to Rentrak. The following table has U.S. box-office figures provided by studios to the company. The amounts are based on actual ticket sales for Dec. 4 to Dec. 6.

                   Rev.    Pct.             Avg./    Total
Movie             (mln)    Chg. Theaters  Theater    (mln)  Wks
 1 Hunger Games  $18.9    -64    4,086   $4,615   $227.4    3
 2 Krampus        16.3     --    2,902    5,615     16.3    1
 3 Good Dinosaur  15.3    -61    3,749    4,087     75.8    2
 4 Creed          15.0    -49    3,424    4,378     64.6    2
 5 Spectre         5.5    -57    2,840    1,945    184.6    5
 6 Night Before    5.0    -40    2,794    1,800     32.1    3
 7 Peanuts Movie   3.6    -63    2,917    1,224    121.5    5
 8 Spotlight       2.8    -36      980    2,857     16.5    5
 9 Brooklyn        2.4    -38      906    2,693     11.2    5
10 Secret In Eyes  1.9    -56    2,147      901     17.2    3

Top 10 Films Grosses

This Week Year Ago Pct. (mln) (mln) Chg. =================================== $86.8 $68.1 +27

Year-to-date Revenue

2015 2014 YTD YTD Pct. (mln) (mln) Chg. =================================== $9,947 $9,536 +4.3
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