Got a Horror Story About Banking Abroad? The EU Is All Ears

Have you struggled to open a bank account abroad, or been burned by sky-high credit card fees when you travel in Europe? The European Commission in Brussels wants to hear your tale of woe.

“Had difficulties using financial services as a consumer in EU? I want to hear from you,” Jonathan Hill, the European Union’s financial-services commissioner, said in a Twitter message on Thursday.

The commission will collect complaints on a new website that asks about topics like losing life insurance when changing addresses and getting charged fees for paying in a different currency than a credit card is issued in. Car insurance, bank-account access and access to online shopping sites are also flagged as areas of interest.

Responses are sought by March 18 and are requested in the form of short videos and social media posts. For responses submitted by Jan. 15, the EU said it may invite two poll participants to Brussels for an official hearing on cross-border retail financial services, hotel and travel costs paid.

The full address of the website is:

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