Photographer: Daniel Acker

Get Your Presidential Campaign (Ugly) Holiday Sweaters Here

Pick a winner this Christmas

Wearing silly (and often ill-fitting) sweaters during the holiday season has become a tongue-in-cheek pastime for Americans. With the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign already in full swing, it should be no surprise that a few candidates are selling their own unique seasonal tops.

First up is Ted Cruz, whose campaign clearly had a field day designing this masterpiece:


Ted Cruz campaign official holiday sweater, $65.

Hillary Clinton opted for something a bit more understated—possibly giving it a shelf life beyond the election.


Hillary Clinton campaign official holiday sweater, $60.

The only other official presidential campaign holiday apparel appears to be from Ben Carson, who chose a bright red design.


Ben Carson campaign official sweater, $30.

(All of these images were curated from campaign websites. Some even included the word "ugly" in their file names, indicating that staffers are in on the joke.)

Now for the bad news: all of these fashion items, technically, don't appear to be sweaters, but sweatshirts. But that's OK.

Mind you, there's no shortage of rogue political holiday sweaters (well, sweatshirts), as any Google search will show. The Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders items are a sight to behold:


Unofficial Bernie Sanders holiday sweater from, $34.



Unofficial Donald Trump sweater from, $27.97.



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