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Puerto Rico Advocates Rally to Urge Lawmakers to Take Action

  • Democrats seek to include Puerto Rico aid in spending bill
  • 500 people will meet their Congressmen urging action

A day after avoiding default, about a hundred advocates for action in Puerto Rico rallied at the U.S. House of Representatives, expressing frustration over a flurry of hearings that haven’t produced any outcome and asking for aid for the commonwealth to be included in the spending bill lawmakers must pass to keep the U.S. government funded.

“We don’t need any more hearings, we don’t need any more studies, we don’t need any more reports, we need action,” Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico’s non-voting member in the House of Representatives , said at National Day of Action For Puerto Rico event Wednesday. “Congress cannot ignore the fact that Puerto Rico is about to default on hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars in bond payments.”