Source: Raspberry Pi

Don't Want to Spend Those Extra $5 on a Latte? Buy a Computer

  • Raspberry Pi's new credit-card sized Zero model goes on sale
  • Version aimed at those who found previous $25 model too pricey

A British non-profit is offering a new way to spend that $5 change in your pocket: buy a computer.

Raspberry Pi, as the maker of credit-card sized computers is called, today released the Raspberry Pi Zero in the U.K. and the U.S. With the new version, made in Wales, the manufacturer went “from the cost of four lattes to the cost of one latte," founder Eben Upton said in a video published on the foundation’s website Thursday.

The Raspberry Pi Zero computer

Source: Raspberry Pi

The computer isn’t your standard PC. Conceived as a programmable computer to help people get into coding, it’s a piece of hardware that works by plugging it into a monitor and keyboard with a USB cable (not included). In spite of its small size, it has half a gigabyte of RAM, an HDMI socket for compatibility with modern televisions and a microSD memory card reader, among other features.

The Zero isn’t Raspberry Pi’s first cost-cutting project. It follows the foundation’s $25 Model B+, released three years ago. While the Model B+ was created to offer affordable computers, “we still meet people who say the cost is a barrier of entry," Upton said.

However, anybody looking to wait for an even cheaper Raspberry Pi is in for a disappointment as Upton warns the maker won’t go below the one-latte cost “in the foreseeable future."

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