Andre Esteves's Grupo BTG Pactual: Fact Sheet

Grupo BTG Pactual was dragged into Brazil’s largest corruption scandal when Chairman Andre Esteves was arrested by police on Wednesday. Here are some facts about the lender, the largest independent investment bank in Latin America:

* Market value: 22.9 billion reais ($6.1 billion), making it Brazil’s fifth-largest bank by capitalization.
* Total revenue: 2.56 billion reais in the third quarter, a 50 percent increase from a year earlier, according to financial statements.
* Net income: 1.51 billion reais in the third quarter, almost double from a year earlier.
* Domestic assets: 159.5 billion reais, making it the country’s eighth-largest by assets, central bank data show.
* Total assets: 302.8 billion reais.
* BTG has offices in 19 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Mexico and Russia.
* Number of employees: 5,639 at Sept. 30.
* Assets under management: 230.5 billion reais in the third quarter versus 194.6 billion reais a year earlier.
* Return-on-average equity: 28.8 percent in the third quarter, compared with 17.3 percent a year earlier.
* Controlling shareholder: the bank’s partnership -- which includes Esteves -- holds a 71 percent stake.
* Key executives: interim Chief Executive Officer Persio Arida, Chief Financial Officer Marcelo Kalim, Chief Operating Officer Roberto Sallouti.
* Board members: Esteves, Arida, Kalim, Sallouti, Claudio Galeazzi, John Huw Gwili Jenkins, John Joseph Oros, Juan Carlos Canizares, Mark Clifford Maletz, Jonathan Michael Hausman.