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Muscular, Modern Watches Made From Ford Mustangs

The REC P-51 salvages old cars to create something new.
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Source: REC Watches

Cars and watches go together like, well, cars and watches. Still, the new P-51 watch doesn't just take inspiration from the auto world. Its dial is made from metal that was salvaged from 1960s Mustangs.

The P-51 is the second mechanical watch from Danish brand REC Watches, which started last year with a model that referred to another classic '60s car, the Mini. While that one was a little lower-key, more Mini, this watch is a muscular 44 millimeters, with a cushion-shaped case and an unusual dial configuration. Everything, from the numeral fonts to the shapes of the hands, is meant to recall the old cars. The top dial looks like a fuel gauge and shows the power reserve, while the speedometer-inspired main dial tells the hours, minutes, and seconds. Just below that is a date display meant to look like a mileage gauge. There's no mistaking the P-51 for anything other than a car guy's watch.