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These Employers Give Moms and Dads Equal Baby Leave

Most working mothers and fathers in the U.S. are treated the same: no paid time off for newborns. A lucky few get equally generous parental leave.
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Cristian Igualt and his wife, Ana Castro, just had their second child. Now both parents are on monthslong paid leaves from their job, making the family extremely lucky and rare in the U.S. workforce. 

Igualt works at a software company, Optimizely, with a generous parental-leave policy: 17 weeks at full pay for all new parents. His female co-workers who have children get the same benefit. Castro is eligible for 12 weeks off at half-pay under California's parental-leave laws, which are more generous than those of other states. Unlike the vast majority of new parents, Igualt and Castro don't have to worry about earning money or keeping their jobs while caring for a newborn. "This means that both of us are involved in parenting and creating the norms of being active parents," Igualt says.