Welcome to Bloomberg Gadfly

I'm delighted to introduce you to Bloomberg Gadfly, our new fast-commentary section. Our goal is to provide rapid, smart takeaways on the day's most important news on markets, finance, companies and technology. 

To write our Gadfly columns, we have assembled an impressive roster of authoritative columnists and editors both from within Bloomberg and from other news organizations. The Gadfly team can also draw on Bloomberg's global network of 2,400 journalists and the treasure trove of data and analytics on the Bloomberg terminal.

Gadfly is an expansion of our opinion section, Bloomberg View, and is led by Timothy L. O'Brien in New York with assistance from Edward Evans in London, Paul Sillitoe in Hong Kong and Beth Williams in New York. 

Gadfly is on the Bloomberg terminal at GADFLY . Its new home on the web is designed to be mobile-first and with social media and elegant graphics in mind. Bloomberg's David J. Harding oversaw and built the new Gadfly site, which was designed by Schema.

Follow the conversation on Twitter at @BFLY or follow any of the Gadfly editors and columnists listed below.

Thank you for joining us. 

John Micklethwait
Bloomberg Editor in Chief

The Bloomberg Gadfly team:
Timothy L. O'Brien (@TimOBrien)
Beth Williams (@BWilliLiou)
Paul Sillitoe
Edward Evans (@evans_edward)

James Boxell (@jiboxell)
Matthew Brooker (@mbrookerhk)
Mark Gongloff (@markgongloff)
Katrina Nicholas (@katrinanicholas)
Dan Niemi (@dlniemi)

Leila Abboud (@labboudles) - tech
Lisa Abramowicz (@lisaabramowicz1) - debt markets; corporate finance
Shelly Banjo (@sbanjo) - consumer/retail
Chris Bryant (@chrismbryant) - industrials
Liam Denning (@liamdenning) - energy and commodities
David Fickling (@davidfickling) - commodities; consumer/industrial
Nisha Gopalan (@Nishagopalanhk) - deals
Tara Lachapelle (@taralach) - deals
Duncan Mavin (@dumav) - finance/hedge funds
Rani Molla (@ranimolla) - data visualization
Andy Mukherjee (@andymukherjee70) - banking
Max Nisen (@MaxNisen) - health, pharma and biotech 
Shira Ovide (@ShiraOvide) - technology
Michael Regan (@Reganonymous) - equity markets; financial services
Brooke Sutherland (@blsuth) - deals
Gillian Tan (@GillianTan) - private equity

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