Cameron Urged by Johnson to Assert U.K. Sovereignty, Times Says

  • London Mayor Boris Johnson interviewed on EU in Sunday Times
  • Cameron urged to amend U.K. law on transposition of EU rules

Prime Minister David Cameron should change existing U.K. legislation to reassert the sovereignty of Britain’s parliament, Boris Johnson told the Sunday Times.

"You could amend the act which says that all EU directives, regulations and other obligations have supremacy over British law to say that it has supremacy unless expressly overturned by Parliament," the mayor of London said, according to the newspaper. "The great thing, which makes it so attractive, is that you don’t need a negotiation."

Johnson said EU officials "would go ape" at the move, and suggested it would be invoked only "very, very sparingly," the Sunday Times reported. "The beauty of it is that it would be there and it would mean that once again we can control our destiny," he said.

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