Asahi Kasei Found 266 Cases of Falsified Data in Japan

  • Company completes inspections of 3,040 projects nationwide
  • 546 projects are still under inspection, 118 are missing data

Asahi Kasei Corp., the Japanese subcontractor at the center of a probe stemming from a lopsided apartment building, said it found more cases where data on foundation piles were altered.

The company found falsified data on 266 of 2,376 projects in inspections of 3,040 building projects nationwide, Tokyo-based Asahi Kasei said Friday in statement. A total of 546 projects are still under inspection and 118 are missing data.

The investigation started after an apartment building in Yokohama was found to have tilted. The company said earlier this month it found falsified data on 19 of 41 projects overseen by the supervisor who fabricated the data and that a number of other employees doctored data on separate projects.

The falsified data announced Friday includes 63 schools, hospitals and welfare facilities that Japan’s land ministry has prioritized.

NHK reported earlier this month that company officials suspect the unit may have misused data on about 300 projects.

Asahi Kasei’s shares have slumped 20 percent since Oct. 13, when news of the flawed building first emerged. Shares of Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., the contractor, have plunged 28 percent.

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