Irish Premier Says a U.K. Exit From EU Is `Major Strategic Risk’

How are British Businesses Coping With 'Brexit' Hysteria?

Ireland views the prospect of the U.K. leaving the European Union as a “major strategic risk,” Prime Minister Enda Kenny said.

Kenny stepped back into the debate as David Cameron finishes a letter setting out the U.K.’s demands of the EU, before an in-or-out vote that might come as early as next year.

“In truth, the full risks are unknown as much would depend on the detail of what a ‘Brexit’ process would actually look like,” Kenny said in a speech in London on Monday. “However, it is an outcome that the Irish government does not wish to see materialize at all. Brexit is not in Ireland’s economic interest.”

Cameron will make public this week a list of measures aimed at redefining the terms of Britain’s EU membership. His Irish counterpart said his administation “will be open and pragmatic” when it comes to “sensible” proposals.

“In general, where the U.K. seeks reasonable and achievable adjustments, we will be sympathetic and supportive,” Kenny said.

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