Chinese Officials Complain About Angolan Kidnapping Scourge

The frequent kidnapping of Chinese nationals in Angola is a scourge that could discourage investment by the country, an official from China’s embassy in Africa’s second-largest oil producer said.

A Chinese national is targeted for abduction “every two days” in the capital, Luanda, Zhao Haihan, first secretary of the Chinese embassy, said in an interview Monday. The incidents pose a “serious threat” to Chinese investment, according to Zhao, who said Angolan police had failed to crack down on the crimes.

“We have provided authorities with evidence, offered to assist local police and we have seen nothing yet,” Zhao said.

The China-Angola Friendship Association says 10 Chinese have been kidnapped this year, with more than 15 million kwanza ($110,000) paid in ransoms. Trade between China and Angola was $37.7 billion last year, an amount that matches the African country’s combined trade with its 10 next biggest partners, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

MAP: Angola