Merkel Says Germany Must Step Up World Role in Refugee Crisis

Could Refugee Crisis Break Europe?

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday that Germany will have to conduct foreign policy “much more actively” as it confronts a rapidly globalizing world in the form of its biggest refugee crisis since World War II.

“We’re experiencing something we’ve never experienced before -- that conflicts that appear to be far away suddenly are here on our doorstep,” Merkel told a meeting of her Christian Democratic Union in the western city of Darmstadt.

Merkel offered some support on the issue of setting up so-called transit zones for refugees flooding across the border, saying those coming from countries of safe origin must be sent back “as quickly as possible.” Still, the plan supported by Merkel’s Bavarian allies won’t resolve the crisis, because “there are so many” making their way to Germany.

Repeating her insistence that Germany “will do this,” Merkel said European Union initiatives hadn’t gotten far enough and that she will push for a permanent distribution of refugees across the 28-member bloc.

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