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You Can't Work Your Way Through College Anymore

New research shows that working through college isn't going to make a dent in student debt and could ruin your GPA.
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Photographer: Ty Wright/Bloomberg

Working to pay for college doesn't work. Despite the fact that 40 percent of undergraduates work at least 30 hours per week while in college, tuition is too high for those hours to make much of a difference, a new report shows. 

Even toiling away full time probably won't yield nearly enough to pay for a traditional college education, said the report, released on Wednesday by Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce. The average college student working full time at minimum wage earns $15,080 annually before taxes, the report estimates. "Working might eventually cover tuition at a two-year program," said Anthony Carnevale, director of the Georgetown center and the report's lead author. "But the earnings aren't sufficient to even get close to covering a private, four-year school."