Colombian ELN Rebels Murdered 11 Soldiers, 1 Policeman: Santos

Rebels from ELN, Colombia’s 2nd-biggest Marxist guerrilla group, ambushed soldiers and police in Boyaca province today, President Juan Manuel Santos said in national address.

  • Soldiers and police were guarding results of yday’s regional elections
  • “It’s an event that shows that the ELN hasn’t understood that this is a time of peace, and not of war,” Santos said.
  • “I have ordered the Minister of Defense, and the armed forces, to redouble their efforts, to intensify their military actions, against this organization.”
  • NOTE: Colombian govt has held exploratory talks with ELN, but hasn’t started formal peace negotiations
  • NOTE: Govt has held peace talks with larger FARC rebel group since 2012

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