German Clean Energy Surge Netting Windfall for Power Exports

  • Export power surplus sales may reach 2 billion euros this year
  • Clean energy growth outpacing conventional power contraction

Clean energy from wind, solar and biomass is generating windfall sales for German power exports, a report by the Fraunhofer ISE institute showed.

Utilities netted about 1.7 billion euros ($1.93 billion) last year as selling power abroad outweighed import costs, Fraunhofer ISE said. Imports were also generally lower priced than exports, it said. Net sales this year may grow to as much as 2 billion euros, the Freiburg, Germany-based institute said.

Underpinning the surplus is a surge in renewable energy, ISE said. Nuclear generation shrank by 41 terawatt-hours to 92 terawatt-hours in the four years through 2014 while clean energy grew to 138 terawatt-hours from 20 terawatt-hours in the same timeframe, it said.

The export surplus doubled to 36 terawatt-hours between 2010 and 2014 and was about 26 terawatt-hours in the six months to June this year, said the institute. 

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