Argentina's Scioli Has 38.3% Support Before Vote, Clarin Says

  • Ruling party candidate can avoid runoff with 45% of total
  • Argentines set to vote in presidential election on Oct. 25

Daniel Scioli, the Argentine ruling party’s candidate to replace President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has the support of about 38.3 percent of likely voters before the national election scheduled for Oct. 25, which may leave him short of the level needed to avoid a November runoff, the newspaper Clarin reported.

Scioli’s estimated level of support includes a projection of undecided voters, Clarin said Friday, citing a poll by Management & Fit. The figure is little changed from 38.6 percent in mid-September, the newspaper said. Opposition candidate Mauricio Macri is backed by 29.2 percent against 27.9 percent last month, while Sergio Massa saw support from about 20 percent of respondents, compared with 21.5 percent in the previous poll.

The nationwide poll was based on 2,400 interviews conducted by telephone and in person from Oct. 8 to Oct. 13 and had a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points, Clarin said. The runoff election would take place Nov. 22 if, in the first round of voting, no candidate wins 45 percent of votes or 40 percent with a 10 percentage point lead over the nearest rival.

Scioli is a former Argentine vice president and since 2007 has been governor of Buenos Aires, the country’s largest and most populous province.