Show Me the Money

What to Watch as Presidential Candidates File Third-Quarter Fundraising Reports

Who's hot—and who's not?

Supporters watch Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speak at a campaign fundraising reception at the Avalon Hollywood nightclub on Oct. 14, 2015, in Hollywood.

Photographer: David McNew/Getty Images

For much of this year, attention has been focused on the really big money in politics—the unprecedented number of seven-figure contributions that super-PACs posted this summer. On Thursday, when candidates for president and for Congress (who, unlike super-PACs, have to abide by federal limits on contributions), the numbers will have fewer zeroes after them. Nonetheless, the numbers will be carefully parsed. To those who know how to read them, they will offer important clues about which candidates are gaining or losing ground and how wisely or profligately they are spending their resources.

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