Larry Lessig, Excluded From Debate, Considers His Options

“Trump said he would stay in the party, and refuse to run as an independent, as long as the Republicans treated him fairly,” says Democratic presidential candidate Larry Lessig, according to Washington Post. “I’m beginning to have a sense of what he was talking about. If the party won’t allow me to run as a Democrat, that creates a lot of pressure to think about a different way of running that would allow me to make this case to the American people. I’ve received as lot of advice and suggestions from people as to how to spread this message. When I first got into this, I frankly didn’t expect that this would be an issue, but it’s something I increasingly have to think about.”

  • NOTE: Lessig didn’t qualify for first Democratic primary debate, to be held Tuesday in Las Vegas, based on polling criteria: CNN
    • Harvard professor is running on platform calling for less money in politics, says he’d resign presidency after accomplishing agenda
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