More Clinton Backers Worried About Inequality Than Trump’s: Poll

While 76% of supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton say the income gap between rich and poor is extremely or very bad, 57% of Republican White House aspirant Donald Trump’s supporters feel the same way, Qualtrics survey finds.

  • In survey examining make-up of Clinton vs. Trump backers, Qualtrics finds 52% of Clinton backers think they’re better off than they were a year ago, 35% of Trump’s supporters do
  • NOTE: Last week’s Suffolk/USAToday poll showed Clinton leading Democrtic race with 41%, Trump leading GOP contest with 23%
  • Trump and Clinton supporters both distrust the government: 88% of Trump voters say govt regularly covers things up that the public should know about, 75% of Clinton supporters agree
  • 71% of Trump backers are uncomfortable with their child marrying an undocumented immigrant vs. 48% for Clinton supporters
  • Clinton supporters tend to be single, with 58% reporting they’re unmarried, while 60% of Trump’s supporters say they’re married
  • 48% of Trump supporters go to church regularly vs 40% of Clinton supporters
  • NOTE: Qualtrics, an online-survey provider based in Provo, Utah, conducted study online from Sept. 17-21 with 1,050 likely voters who expressed support for either Trump or Clinton; survey’s error margin is +/- 5ppts
    • Respondents were U.S. citizens who voted in 2012 presidential election and showed intent to vote in 2016