Hillary Clinton Says She Would Not Consider Vice Presidency

“Hypothetically speaking, no,” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says when asked if she would “hypothetically” consider job of vice president. * Clinton speaks at New Hampshire town hall-style meeting hosted by NBC * Clinton responds to President Barack Obama’s comment, in context of Syria policy, that running for president is different from being president: “I have said repeatedly that when you’re in that situation room, as I was many many times, and you bear the full weight of that choice you’re about to make, you have to be very sure and very careful. What I was advocating was putting together a coalition of those countries that have a real stake in trying to prevent this flood of refugees and trying to find safe spaces so people can actually stay in their homes” Related stories: * Hillary Clinton Says Bernie Sanders Bid Benefits Democrats * Clinton Says She’ll Testify to Benghazi Panel If It Stays Open

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