Kasich Says Opposition Research Signals Bush’s Nervousness

“I love when people visit that library. I just never expected Bush people to be directed to that library,” Republican presidential candidate John Kasich says at news conference in New Hampshire.

  • Kasich references reports that pro-Bush super-PAC researchers visited Ohio governor’s records collection in city of Westerville, plus video surfacing of Kasich criticizing former New Hampshire Governor John H. Sununu, father of Kasich ally John E. Sununu
  • “I would think that they’re in there because they’re getting nervous,” Kasich says. “When you’re trailing in places like New Hampshire, where John Sununu’s built a great team, and you know you’re not doing so hot in other places, course they’re going to go looking around at who might be the mature adult who knows how to reform and fix things and be a leader rather than an administrator”

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